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Drought;school/college re-opening need to be postponed say parents

Kerala is suffering serious drought since the summer vacation.Drinking water scarcity is badly hit life in many places. Most of the regions in the state is gripped,severely.
Still,the government has not yet announced the postponement of school re-opening.

As per the Meteorological forecast,monsoon in Kerala may be delayed again.This means, water scarcity will continue to distress the state for coming days.

In such a situation,school,college re-opening would make sever consequences.

“People are waiting tanker lorries for drinking water.

Women and children are seen waiting outside their homes to collect water.”

This is a common sight in  almost all parts of the state. Around nine districts have been drought-hit,so far.

Many of the wells in schools are out of water.But,during the summer vacation water consumption is minimum.

Things will change once the educational institution are opened.It is the duty of authorities to ensure clean drinking water to students.

Unfortunately,the scarcity is getting worsened and many water-borne diseases  are reported in various parts of the state.

“Re-opening of schools  on June 6 will be  a severe blow to parents and children.”-

“Government should at least wait for few more days to get relieved from the sever drought.”-says  Prabhakaran Menon, a parent .

A private college teacher in Kozhikode,Maya Devi shared the same concern;

“The state government should re-schedule the re-opening date.” , she said.

Some of the teachers and students wing also have raised their plight in this regard.

Deputy Director of Education  (DDE) in Kozhikode has issued order to Assistant Educational Officers (AEO) to ensure safe drinking water.However.the order has no mention of solution,other than asking concerned AEO s to tie-up with local body secretaries in this reagrd.

But,local body authorities are struggling to solve drinking water crisis in households.It is heard that local bodies are unable to provide water to institutions.


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