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Eby’s fight for national pride has no rest

Eby J Joseph’s fight for protecting national precious like our flag and other national images has completed silver jubilee.
He will never show any compromise to those who ridicule our national flag or any such unique elements.
He has approached courts to get justice for his fight.
He describes one of his adventurous stride to book a foreigner who used our national anthem just as a towel by covering his head from sun light.
He followed the car and tried to stop him.
However, he chased for long.Somehow,Eby managed to overtake his car at one place and captured the image of the foreigner who used the national flag with disrespect,in his mobile phone.
He rushed the incident to nearby police stations Karinkunnam and Thodupuzha.
He complained the matter with photo to DGP TP Senkumar.
Karinkunnam police caught the vehicle thanks to the order of the DGP. However,the police could not find out the flag.
The inquiry in this matter is going on.
Eby is also engaged to make the public aware of the glory and uniqueness of our national flag.
His fighting not for awarding punishment of three years imprisonment and rupees two lakh fine for the offenders.But,he wants to share the message of the national flag.
Eby has a plan to spread the message of protecting our national flag.
Mission flag is such a program to cover 10,000 schools in the country and educate children about the glory and importance of the tricolor flag.
He has also launched a campaign ,namely ‘Respect National Flag.’
Eby has submitted a proposal to the central government for implementing some initiatives for respecting the national flag.
Eby had complained against Am Admi Party using Ashoka Chakra.
The election commission intervened and warned the party.
The party got its registration ,only after giving a declaration that it would not use the Chakra for political purpose.
Eby would also interfere in the using of the actual flag in movies and serials.
Eby exposed many incident of disrespecting the national flag such as keeping the flag in the night,hoisting the flag upside down,using plastic flags etc.
Eby is the great grandson of first Bishop of Pala Mar Sebastian Vayalil.His father Baby Jospeh worked in Indian Air Force.His mother is Ammini.His wife is an employee with the local-self government department.He has five children.

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