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‘Embrace the complexity of climatic issues’

The panel discussion under the title “Saving the earth : science and rationality in a time of madness” stood out for its contextual relevance and political appropriateness.With eminent panelists as Prerna Bindra, Richard Mahapatra, Dr. Navroz K Dubash, George Thomas and Mr. Pranay Lal as the moderator, the session turned out to be a much needed discussion emphasising the inevitability of a sustainable outlook of development.
Richard Mahapatra explained the most dreaded fact that science and politics can never be seperated. “Cultural and muscular science that is widely being talked about in this country is not to been appreciated. Invariably everyone being the victims of climate change it is extremely important to place the topic in mainstream debates” stated the speaker.
Navroz focused on climatic change as an important and consequential concept and held the opinion that with the rest of the world going forward to a low carbon future India must necessarily have the needed flexibility to choose her path.  Ms. Prerna made it clear that the green wash by planting trees won’t be an all encompassing solution for the problems we face.
She deeply criticized the endeavors as Rally for rivers which is truly unscientific in all aspects. Mr. Thomas stated that accessibility and affordability are the two aspects that matter when we talk about cleaner agricultural technologies. The session concluded on the note that accepting this as a national problem in all its complexity we have to find  a solution ourself starting at the threshold of improved governance systems.

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