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Emergency Medical Service Booths (EMSB) will provide timely assistance to needy passengers in two major stations under Palakkad Division. National Health Mission (NHM), Kannur and a private hospital in Kozhikkode are joining hand with the Railways to provide the medical care to the passengers. Emergency Medical Service Booth at Kannur has already started functioning ( see picture)and at Kozhikkode the facility will be opened to passengers on 09th January 2018 (Tuesday).

At Kannur the EMSB is located near the VIP lounge in the main concourse of the station, while at Kozhikode, it is  on platform No.1 near the escalators.

              The booths will have presence of paramedical staff to deal with the emergency situation with  provision for rendering first aid, life saving medicines and equipment to meet the needs on emergency. Arrangements will also be made to provide the service of physicians according to the situation demands.

              At Kannur the agency will also make use of the service of the Ambulance provided by M/s.Lubnath Sha Memorial Trust, which is stationed near  the station. At Kozhikkode, service of an ambulance will have to be arranged through normal system.

              The passengers and railway staff will be provided with emergency medical assistance from the booth free of cost. The patient will then be shifted to Medical College Hospital/ General Hospital or other Hospitals of their choice.

            Setting up of Medical Booth was proposed with the help of hospitals etc. at four stations viz., Kozhikkode and Kannur n the month of July 2017.

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