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Exam goof up again in Calicut University – Varsity repeats previous year’s first semester B.Ed question paper in this year’s exam

Exam goof up again in Calicut University – Varsity repeats previous year’s first semester B.Ed question paper in this year’s exa:

Calicut University has been doing a comedy of errors in the conduct of its various examinations for a long time, a ridiculous one at that- repeating the same question papers used in the previous year’s exam for the current exams.

The varsity repeated its question paper used in the first semester for the B.Ed examination conducted in December 2018 for the BEd examination of the current batch of students conducted on Monday. There is no change in the question paper except that the year 2018 was changed as 2919.

The question paper for the Education in Contemporary India examination for the current BEd first semester students, which was conducted on Monday, was exactly the same question paper that was used by the university last year for the previous batch.

The highly humiliating incident bungling in question paper was brought to the notice of the varsity authorities by various BEd college Principals as soon as the examination ended. All the questions out of the maximum marks of 80 were the replica of the previous year’s question paper.

The varsity, apprehending the repetition of the same faux pas in the subsequent examinations announced cancelling of the exam and also postponed the remaining exams of first semester exams.

Controller of Examinations Dr. C C Babu said that the first semester BEd examinations to be held till December 13 have been postponed.
“The incident of repeat of question paper in the B.Ed. examination will be looked into by the syndicate examination standing committee,” he added. He also said that the new dates of the examination will be announced later.

The question papers prepared and provided to the University in sealed covers by the setters from out side the jurisdiction of Calicut University were used for the BEd exams as per the usual practice. Of the three sets of question papers given by the setters, one set is given to the security press for printing. That set returned from press is used for the exams.

The varsity authorities can not at any stage open the question paper covers received from the Press after printing, for cross checking or verifying their contents so as to protect the confidentiality of the question papers.

More than 2000 students are appearing for the examinations in point at 70 centres.

It is not certain whether the postponed exams would be conducted soon as it would take more time to get the fresh question papers set by new examiners.

Further, the varsity has to incur much additional expenditure for resetting the question papers by new examiners. In such cases previously, the local fund Audit department has directed the varsity to realise the loss sustained to the University from the persons responsible for such negligence.

Dr.CC Babu, Controller of Examinations

Last month, Calicut University had postponed three third semester degree exams for distance education students out of suspicion that it had printed the correct answers for the multiple choice questions in bold letters in the question papers.

Also the varsity had recently found to its surprise during evaluation of the BA Afsal Ul Ulema fourth semester exam held in June had the correct answers among the four multiple choice options in the question paper were printed in bold. The examination was written by around 600 students.

With such grave mistakes and negligence in carrying out important exam related work putting the students in severe hardships becoming the order of the day, there is wide spread criticism from academic world that the varsity is not taking any effective steps to plug the loopholes in the management of the examination system.

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