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Excited football fans:dance music and rhythm

Kozhikode Corporation stadium on Thursday witnessed huge number of Brazilian football fans .It was an evening of soccer excitement.Through out the game,players fought in a style,and rhythm popular for Latin American football game.


Atletico Paranaense (Brazil) and Volyn Lutsk (white-Ukrania) were fighting for their victory until the last moment.Both relieved.Two goals each;both declared they were not made for failure.

Moments of excitement shook the audience after the first half.Brazilian flags;band and music were ready to support the Brazilian football crew .Soccer-crazy people of Calicut did it.They followed the best players by making energizing rhythm.

Paranaense netted the first goal at 20th minute.


It was a long beautiful pass was connected by Wesley Silva.Conquering all the strong defenders ,Vesley shot it over the head of the goal keeper.The first and beautiful goal.

Volyn team turned more aggressive and alert after the shot of Atletico  Paranaense .

In the 24th minute,Volyn shot back a goal thanks  to a corner kick.(1-1)

The remaining advancements by both the fighting teams excited the gallery .Moments of  many just missed goals.Really anxious moments to both the teams.


In the 63rd minute Volyn next goal was born.It was a shock to the rival Pranaes.

Brazilian fans turned silent for fe w minutes.

Then came 90th minute.A substitute player o’s Yago Silva of Paranaense  shot a miracle goal .(2-2).

Both the teams tried even the last moments to break the tie;futile.


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