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Exit polls predict left victory

Majority of the exit polls have predicted victory for the LDF in the just concluded assembly poll in Kerala. However, one exit poll gives a hanging assembly picture.
India Today,Times Now, Asianet polls found the left as winners.Even if their findings have great variation in the number of seats, the left will rule Kerala, according to the post-poll experts.
An exit poll by News nation channel predicted the ruling front, UDF will win at least 70 seats. According to this survey, the BJP will get one seat. And,the left will catch remaining 69 seats.
All the surveys see BJP as an emerging power in the state by ensuring its entry into the state assembly.
India Today-Axis survey says the left will win seats between 88-101 while C-voter predicts 74-82 seats only.
The exit poll report may be varied when come to the reality,according to some political observers.
Many such think-tanks believe that there would be a narrow majority,irrespective of the winners.

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