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‘Feminism is not a bad thing’-Nandita Das

Nandita Das is a noted film maker and actress. She has acted in over 40 feature films in ten different languages. Das won accolades for numerous performances, including in Fire (1996), Earth (1998), Bawandar (2000), Kannathil Muthamittal (2002), Azhagi (2002), Kamli (2006), and Before The Rains (2007).In a brief  interview with M.Rajesh , she speaks out the importance of women’s space in movie world and in society.

 “Women can do lot more.Unfortunately,due to the deep conditioning and because of that women have lost their confidence.”

Women need to come forward . Men and women move together to achieve common goodness.Film making  is a collective activuity.Both men and women have their own contributions in all aspects of movie-making-she said.

A shared space is essential. Men should not be afraid of women power.
Even in progressive Kerala,women have many issues to be tackled.But,they have their own issues and many stories are untold.There are male dominance as well as societal constrain so that many women who have good talent and creativity are keeping away from film making.They can narrate community issues in a different perspective.
So,women must come forefront. Largely,the country and the traditional society is patriarchal. So,women don’t have the space.
Feminism and cinema
I think  feminism is not a bad thing .It is the route to humanism.
And,it is essential to deal many issues that haunts the womanhood,everywhere.It’s genuine fight for equal rights.
The number of women in movies is low,especially in movie direction and other areas. However, there is gradual step up now. In Kerala, Parvathy,Geethu Mohandas,Meena Venugopal are there.
Movie is one of the media to make change in society. Movie alone can’t transform the world.However,it has its own role. It is impossible to bring change in one fine morning. There are hundreds things to be attended.
It’s a need to come forward.
Male dominance is everywhere and its is very reflective in film field, too.

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