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Fire breaks out at various spots on Calicut University Campus – Handiwork of miscreants suspected:


Calicut University campus witnessed a series of breaking out of fire at various spots on the campus on Sunday.
The first blaze that broke out near the indoor stadium around noon burnt down trees, shrubs and ravines devastating the beauty of the location. This was doused off by the Fire units from Meenchantha.

In the second incident of fire that broke out near the Kohinoor grounds adjacent to the NH, a vast area of grass and trees were burning till 7.00 pm. The security men were seen throwing water drawn from the nearby quarters in buckets to put out the ravaging fire.The thick smoke that emanated from the fire even disturbed the vehicular traffic on the road and ash was seen flying in various parts of the Kohinoor area.


The involvement of miscreants behind  the frequent fire incidents on the campus is highly doubted going by the modus operandi of the work.  The  temperatures on the campus located on a hilly area  have not risen to a level that could trigger spreading fires. 
The burning of bushes and dried trees on the campus which is covered with lush green plantation and trees of various hues has become very frequent now a days. The fire ate into the green cover comprising beautiful flower plants, thick shrubs and young trees across the campus giving a sad picture to the campus community. 
This appears to be a deliberate attempt by the anti social elements to destroy the green covers of the campus. The reason for the frequent occurrence of the fire is attributed to the igniting of the dried pieces of wood strewn all over the campus by the miscreants. Even as the incidents of fire continue to take place unabated  at frequent intervals, the varsity has not cared to conduct a thorough probe into the serious matter and take effective action to prevent the incidents

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