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GAF: curtain falls; international networking formed to promote Ayurveda


An international network in 100 countries for promoting Ayurveda has been formed during the third edition of the Global Ayurveda Festival (GAF) which concluded on Thursday at Swapnanangari in Kozhikode. This is said to be a breakthrough in the traditional wellness system, Ayurveda.

Global Ayurveda Network will be functioning in association with governments, institutions and entrepreneurs by providing doctors, medicine and service within the period of next GAF.

The meet declared to start a Pharamexil (Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council) unit in Kerala to strengthen the Ayurveda drug export.

The GAF also envisages starting a National Institute of Ayurveda in Kerala.

Regular intensive training for teachers and researchers in Ayurveda shall be introduced to update the knowledge level of experts.

The meet also declared to made visa restrictions tourist- friendly.

Special visas also should be provided for foreign students who aspire to visit India for undergoing training programs and bridge courses over several years.


The city folk flowed in to the Swapnanagari last five days; 5000 visitors each day to be part of 700 seminars, workshops, and expo with a wide variety of Ayurveda products and services. Cultural programs such as Yoga dance, sand art, and Kalarippayattu added color to the event.

The focal theme of the festival was ‘women’s health.’ Representatives of 15 countries attended the festival. Third edition of the Global Ayurveda Festival set a new trend in the recent history of Calicut by ensuring maximum participation.

The network will deal the developmental activities of Ayurveda in future.

700 seminars were presented in the festival including papers by Ayurveda students.


Many ground breaking case studies have been presented in the seminar such as successful treatment for liver cancer.

The program was one of the highly participated events in the recent history of Calicut.

International business meet, solidarity meet, Ayush clinics, international co-operation meet, workshops were the attractions of the seminar.

Many breakthrough papers were presented in the meet.


M.K.Raghavan M.P inaugurated the valedictory function. GAF organizing committee chairman Dr.P.Madhavankutty Warrier presided over the function.

“GAF delivers an excellent message. We have to plant traditional medicinal plants in our own houses.

We have to keep the flame of the festival, ablaze”-he said.

He also demanded a national research institute for Ayurveda  in Kozhikode.

Dr.Manoj Kaloor presented the declaration.

Dr.Rajith Ananad welcomed the gathering and Dr.M.M.Sanil Kumar expressed vote of thanks.  Dr. Rajith Anand welcomed the gathering.

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