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Gandhiji as a journalist:seminar held

The District Information Office in association with Zamorin’s Guruvayoorappan College organized a seminar on Gandhiji as a journalist at ZGC seminar hall on Monday.

Noted historian Dr.M.G.S.Narayanan inaugurated the program.

He opined that Gandhiji’s role as a journalist was not discussed much as his other activities like  non-violence,peace,satyagraha and simplicity.

Gandhiji was an eminent journalist .He wanted to interact with people,directly. For this purpose,he launched Indian Opinion from South Africa and Young India,Harijan and Navjeevan from India.

Gandhiji’s journalism paved the way for defeating the British and winning India’s political freedom.

He  tried to express his ideologies, boldly and  determinedly. For this ,he didn’t even ready to accept advertisements.

Even his newspapers were far behind in circulation than other newspapers those times, his writings made impact on the British and Indian community.


Today’s editors are just like effigies. Managers are the policy makers.-he said.

When the western world recognized Gandhiji , we people also began to admire him.

Malayala Manorama Assistant Editor K.F.George said that even if  it was impossible to follow Gandhiji’s journalism principles in today’s world, his journalistic wonders should be therein our mind always.

Newspaper owners are using some gimmicks to get their return of their  investment.

News and views are mixed in today’s journalism-he commented.

News paper content and ideology become secondary and lay out and design get priority.

On the other hand Gnadhiji proved that newspapers could be run only for spreading some ideology.

He could communicate through his words,dress and  actions-K.F.George said.

College principal Dr..M. Madhavaikkutty presided over the seminar.

District Information Officer Khadar Palazhi ,Guruvayoorappan College legal adviser Ad.Govind Chandrasekhar,Head of the English department Dr.M.E. Shobha IQAC coordinator Dr.P.K.Prabha,Head of the  Political Science Department ,Thanuja Raghavan,Head of the History department K.Sreelatha spoke.

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