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Ganga Devi back to home from short stay home

Gngadevi, who left her home a year ago has now returned back to her family in Sonapeti, Maharashtra. She was living at the short stay government home since a year.
The vanitha police of Vellimadukunnu found her on May 6th 2016 and was sent to the government short stay home.
Authorities were unable to figure out the address or any other information about the 55-year-old woman who  spoke only  Marathi.  Sivan ,a social worker, was the one who continuously contacted the Maharashtra police and found the address of the woman. The woman who is the mother of three children missed  while working at the field with her husband. Her relatives who thought they lost her forever were very happy and grateful to find her back in the short stay home. Her daughter’s husband Utham Yadav and relative Dikambar Ouchar came to the short stay home to take her back home.

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