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Giant waves hit Kothi beach;affect 25 families

It was a fearful Sunday for the residents of Kothy, Nainan Valppu beaches where the rough sea hit their houses. Kothy, Nainavalappu beaches witnessed giant waves that hit the coast in the morning. One house has been partially damaged when huge waves, crossing the sea walls  flooded inside.

Rukhiya, and her daughter Rziya of T.P.House, Naianan Valappu  have been admitted to the Beach Hospital with injuries. They got injured when their house wall collapsed.

Around 25 families are living beach side in this area.As per the direction of the district administration many of them have been shifted to nearby Pallikkandy L.P.School, a temporary shelter.

Around 10 houses were flooded with sea water.

The sea became rough in this area around 9.30 am.

According to the local people the unscientific sea wall construction cause such a sea erosion in this locality.

Nainan Valappu Football Fans Association, a sports and social organisation president N.V.Subair says-

“Construction of a   powerful sea wall has been a long time demand of local people”-

“Even if such a huge waves cause damages in pre-monsoon time, what would be the state when monsoon takes it course”-ask coastal community.

The sea became calm around 12.30 p.m.Police patrolling have been strengthened in this area during night-said Chemmangad police.

District Collector N.Prasanth, Deputy Collector HimanshuRai, officials from the revenue and police visited the affected area.

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