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Gleneagles Global Healthy City Launches Liver, Heart & Lung Transplantation Services in Calicut

Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai announced their tie- up with
Abeer Family Medical Center, Kozhikode to offer transplant services of the heart, lung and liver.
Patients suffering from end-stage failure of the heart, lung or liver can approach this centre,
headed by a dynamic physician, Dr TP Meharoof Raj (Ex Professor of Medicine at Calicut Medical
College) to benefit from the premium expertise of doctors from Gleneagles Global Health City,
Dr Ravi Kumar, Senior Transplant Cardiologist and Dr Govini Balasubramani, Senior Transplant
Cardiothoracic Surgeon, from the Heart and Lung Transplantation Institute at Gleneagles Global
Health City, Dr Harikumar R Nair, Senior Consultant, Hepatologist & Liver Transplant Physician,
Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai were present in the city to make the announcement.

Fatal lung diseases 

On the criticality of lung transplantation in end-stage lung diseases, Dr Sandeep Attawar, Program
Director & Chair of Heart and Lung Transplant Program at Gleneagles Global Health City said
“Lung transplant remains the only option when medical therapy fails for end stage lung diseases
like interstitial lung disease, COPD, Bronchiectasis, and Pulmonary Hypertension. Burden of such
diseases is over whelming in India. Unfortunately, awareness on the benefits of lung
transplantation is low even amongst physicians and Pulmonologists. Lung transplantation can lead
to a substantial improvement in quality of life of those with end-stage lung diseases.”

Heart diseases on the rise

Doctors also spoke on the disturbing trend of increasing cases of Heart Failure, which is a
prominent and life threatening illness that is seen amongst a large number of patients from North
Kerala. This could be due to the rise in heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes and cardiomyopathy.
This is a problem that not only commonly afflicts patients over 40 years but even younger patients
in their 20s and 30s. This trend is not limited to heart ailments. In fact, there is an alarming
increase in incidence of fatty liver disease in Malabar and adjoining regions. Rising affluence,
changes in lifestyle, junk food habits, obesity and rising prevalence of diabetes has all contributed
in varying degrees to the “lifestyle health crisis” with an upsurge in liver cirrhosis and Liver cancer
causing higher morbidity in this region.
Sharing his thoughts on heart ailments, Dr Ravi Kumar, Senior Transplant Cardiologist said
“Advanced Heart Failure is a deadly but treatable problem and the administration of a heart
transplantation or use of artificial pumps can essentially provide a new chance at life for many
patients”. Dr Ravi Kumar will guide and lead this initiative in Kozhikode area.
Dr Govini Balasubramani, Senior Transplant Cardiothoracic Surgeon added ”Heart and Lung
transplants and LV assist devices provide an entirely new and modern scientific dimension to the

herapy of heart failure and lungs failure patients. We encourage patients from North Kerala to
take advantage of such life-saving treatments.”

Liver transplantation
On the effectiveness of Liver transplantation, Dr Harikumar R Nair, Senior Consultant,
Hepatologist & Liver Transplant Physician commented, ”Liver transplantation is the only
treatment that offers long term survival for patients with end stage liver failure or liver cancer. In
India, a large number of people suffer from liver disease due to either viral hepatitis, alcohol liver
disease or as a consequence of fatty liver disease.”
Organ donation is very important in these days when organ failure is becoming common. The
Tamil Nadu Government set up an organ sharing registry called TRANSTAN in 2009. Tamil Nadu
has been the leading state in India for deceased organ donors with an average donation of around
200 organs per year. TRANSTAN now heads the Regional Organ Transplant Organization or ROTTO,
which helps in inter-state organ sharing. This essentially means that any patient from North Kerala
can now be registered for an organ in Chennai and stand an equal chance as patients from TN to
get an organ match.
Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai is one of the leading Multi-organ transplant hospitals in
India and it attracts patients from all over the world. The team comprising of world-renowned
cardiac specialists like Dr Sandeep Attawar, Dr Ravi Kumar and Dr Govini Balasubramani have
performed over 165 heart and lung transplants and placement of 25 artificial heart pumps in just 2
years. In addition, the liver transplant unit at Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai has an
impressive cumulative experience of having performed over 2600 liver transplants with a success
rate of over 96%. It is the largest liver unit in South India, and interestingly both living and cadaver
donor transplants are done here in equal proportions. This is a comprehensive liver care program
that is fitted with a dedicated state of the art intensive liver care facility,interventional  liver radiology and medical management for pre and post liver transplant.

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