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Governor Arif Mohammed Khan gets a surprise gift of a mural painting at Calicut University

CNM Reporter
Governor Arif Mohammed  Khan and his wife Reshma Arif had a surprise gift of a magnificent mural painting  waiting for them on Thursday  at Calicut University when they made a short stop over there en route Payyoli.
A distinguishly  coloured  mural painting with a rural girl in traditional attire and ornaments selling lily flowers,  aesthetically decorated in background was the unexpected gift received by Governor Arif Mohammed Khan and his wife, Reshma Arif.
The mural painting was presented to them by  Santhosh Mithra, nationally aclaimed artist and painter.
Santhosh Mithra has an interesting story to tell on the sequence of events that led to the presentation of his gift to the Governor.
Mithra, who is working as an artist at the Calicut University’s Art and Photography Unit, told the CNM that  the former Vice Chancellor Dr. K. Mohammed Basheer had  told him to present a beautiful painting to  Arif Mohammed Khan, while introducing him to  Khan, when he visited the University some time back.
Neither the Governor nor the former Vice Chancellor had never  thought of  the innocuous talk becoming a reality.
Though the then Vice Chancellor made this request to Santhosh casually, he made it as his  ardent desire  to paint one exceptional mural painting for the Governor and to present it to him when he visits the University next time.
The long cherished wish of  Santhosh to present the gift to Governor became a reality  on Thursday when the Governor reached the University campus along with his wife, after inaugurating the silver jubilee celebration of Naha’s Hospital in Parappanangadi.
Santhosh Mithra, who has won many state and national awards in paintings to his credit, has said that he was much elated over the chance to present a gift of his own art work  to the first citizen of the state and his wife. As soon as he received the information that the Govenor would visit the University this week,  he started the painting work and completed it in two days.
The Govenor and his wife were in full appreciation of the excellent artistic work of Santhosh Mithra and congratulated him for his talents in painting.
 Reshma Arif is also in the forefront of social activities including the upliftment of the mentally retarded children.

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