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Govindapuram Parthasarathy temple theft: Thiruvabharanam found

The looted Thiruvabharanam ( 5 and half sovereign gold ornament) ,the precious ornament worn by the deity at Govindapuram Sree Parthasarathy temple found in the temple compound,’miraculously’.
Medical College Police Sub Inspector P.K.Vinodan ,who led the investigation said that the stolen Thiruvabharanam ,found at a  shed in the temple premise,today .He said it is believed that the thief might have ‘returned’ it.
He said that an eleven year old boy, Athul Krishna got it yesterday evening from the temple compound,between the temple and near by Govindapuram A UP School. He was not aware it was the temple ornament.He mistook it as some  make up ornaments,somebody missed during the cultural event,held recently as part of the temple festival.
He displayed it at the temple hall.One temple employee ,Premjith found it this morning and recognized it as the missing ornament.
The Medical Police have examined the ornament and took further proceedings.The ornament didn’t get any damage other than a slight crack.
Burglars had broke open Govindapuram Sree Parthasarathy temple in Kozhikode and fled with 5 and half sovereign gold ornament and Rs.25,000 in cash.The theft was reported on April 25.
A silver crown also was taken from the temple.But,it was found,abandoned at the temple premise,by the police.
The precious ornament, worn by the deity in the sanctum sanctorum and the cash from hundial lost on Monday late night,said Medical College police.
The theft came to know in the early morning on Tuesday when the chief priest of the temple opened the sanctum santorum for offerings.
Police and finger print experts had collected finger prints and evidence from the spot.


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