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From deserted land to ripen paddy field ; harvest fest at Karuvode Kandamchira

Three decades,the land consisting of 300 acres had been lying deserted with reeds and other  plants.However,Karuvode in Perambra has written a success story thanks to the unity of  local people who voluntarily come forward to make this happen.

Around,5000 people joined together to make it a farmland.Now,its a fertile land with fully-ripen golden colour  paddy grains.

Meppayur Gramapanchayath and Krishibhavan spearheaded the project.

Gramapanchayath president P.K Reena , Agriculture Officer Smitha Nandini Planning Board Deputy director P.P.Radhakrishnan worked as chairperson,convener,and coordinator, respectively.

Haritha Keralam Mission Dr.Jayakumar gave guidance to the team members to make the project,successful.


Farmers and local people celebrated the harvest festival,here.Minister for Labour T.P.Ramakrishnan,who represents this locality in the assembly ,  inaugurated the paddy harvest fest,today.

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