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‘Have mercy upon this innocent Pravasi’ says Save Gangadharan Forum

E.K.Gangadharan, native of Tirur in Malappuram, a caretaker of an Abu Dhabi School  has been sentenced to death in United Arab Emirates. His family members and ‘Save E.K .Gangadharan Forum’  members produced compelling documents during a press conference on Friday to show his innocence in an alleged  rape case. The final verdict is expected on March 30.

The case details are here:

A 7-year old   Emirati student was raped at AL-Rabeeh school,Abu Dhabi on April 14,2013. Gangadharan, was arrested along with other five persons in connection with the crime.

Gangadharan is accused of pulling and allegedly raping the student when she was going to the principal’s cabin ,near by a pantry located area at 11 a.m on a working day and he allegedly warned her not to tell anyone.

His wife ,Leela Gangadharan, Ad.P.A.Pouran and Tirur Municipal Chairperson Safiya teacher,  while talking to journalists in Kozhikode said they  have  still faith in the UAE law and the Court of Cassation in Abu Dhabi  and Gangadharan would be set free from the prison, realising his innocence.


Leela Gangadharan lost for words many times during the press meet and was trying to control her tears.

The documents produced to journalists loudly speak his innocence.

The UAE government’s’ Directorate of Forensic Medicine   ,after conducting the scientific examinations,clarified that there was no evidence of Gangadharan’s role in the crime.His DNA test  proved that there was no contact between Gangadharan and the girl.


The victim’s family’s statement on the location,time of the crime also was contradictory and suspicious.

During the trial, the family changed their stories many time.

One Emirati teacher who handles Arabic in this school presented a highly positive character reference for Gangadharan.

She said that 56  year old Gangadharan has a very good service record for 32 years.

Four other teachers in the School  also stated before the court that the student  behaved normally on the day and there was no  sign of such a sexual violence during school time.


According to Gangadharan’s legal team,the appeal court’s verdict was based on his ‘confession’ which really was the result of the police torture.Besides,Gangadharan signed in a confession note prepared in Arabic,which he appears not to have understood.

The Cassation  court can aquit him or even refer the case back to the Court of appeal.However,if the highest court upholds the Court of Appeal judgement,the death punishment will be then referred to the President for approval



All other four accused were freed ,later and Gangadharan was sentenced to jail.

Sources close to Gangadharan said he was brutally beaten by the police and he  confessed the crime in in one stage.

Save Gangadharan Forum has already sought assistance from the state and central ministry to look into the matter.

Reprieve,the Humanrights Organisation based in Briton,also pleaded for an independent inquiry into this case ,considering the official documents as evidence.

Suresh Babu Tharayil,Ibrahim Haji Tirur,Dr.V.A.Radhakrishnan,Tirur Municipal councilor Saithalikkutty and Gangadharan’s daughter Ajisha also attended the press meet.

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