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Hell of travel,these summer days,no remedy yet? people need answer

  • ‘Hell of travelling’,nothing more to describe the recent travel miseries being faced by hundreds of passengers between Kozhikode-Kannur route by road.
  • Heavy heat,sweating body with hot summer,insufficient air come in through glass windows of private buses.
  • Authorities must answer the questions of people,who are asking tough questions,helplessly .
  • How many years they are suffering travel miseries?
  • No politics,no leadership,no campaigns for solving these sufferings?
Heavy traffic jam is being suffered in Kozhikode- Kannur route during last few days. Vehicles were put in a standstill for more than one hour on the highway yesterday evening causing severe disturbances to passengers. Buses packed with passengers suffered severe suffocation.
Insufficient  air passing through glass windows kept the passengers especially women and children in a very difficult situation. Traveling has become very troublesome for the people.
However,nobody was there to listen to their woes for the last few years. Expansion of national highway has been a promise by both the Left and UDF. But,practically there is no solution for travelers’ grievance.
Kozhikode-Kannur route is a  hot route with hundreds of thousands of people travelling on regular basis. Many new cars are being flooded on the roads,recently.
Railway transportation also has become very stressful as a result of rescheduling and canceling of many local trains. Many local trains have been canceled due to track  repair works. This also causes great transportation trouble to the citizens,especially during the time of Ramadan. Lack of trains during peak hours is leaving people, helpless.
It is a long time demand that more MEMU train service between Kozhikode and Kannur. Passengers Associations,Malabar Chamber of Commerce and many organizations demanded for more local train services in this sector.
Another demand by regular rail passengers is stoppage of long route trains at Vatakara ,Koyilandi stations.
When more train services get on track,it is believed that more people will depend trains for comfortable travel.

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