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Here, an auto driver gives ‘compassion signal’


The Calicut University Cultural Forum honors Kishore Kumar for his  charity activities.

E. Kishore Kumar is an auto driver at Medical College Campus.But,his life is not simply limited to  that alone. He is doing many charity drives along with his work.

Kishore  is compassionate towards poor people. He started a mission to pick and drop poor kidney,cancer patients, free of cost.

He has been running this charity service, once in a week , for the last one year.

He had been leading an expatriate life in the gulf.

While he was working in Saudi Arabia,he could get company of an ordinary man  and this experience was an eye-opening one to him.He decided to do something for the poor  and this free service is such an activity.

The Calicut University Campus Cultural Forum gave a honoring  reception to Kishore as a token of appreciation  for his meritorious service.

T.G.Martin presented a gift to Kishore Kumar,on behalf of the Cultural Forum. Parackal Philip presided over the function. M.Smitha,Deputy Registrar M.K.Pramod,Abdul Jaleel Achukomban, Sony Venus Thomas Kutty, Santhosh Mithra,Mary Suja spoke.


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