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Highest number of Covid-19 cases reported in coastal belts in Kozhikode

The highest number of Covid cases reported in the district is from the coastal areas. So far, Covid has been confirmed to 173 people in Chorode, 135 people in Vellayil and 71 in Mukhadar. Vellayil has been declared critical containment zone and testing and monitoring in  Chorode is strictly being conducted. The district administration is taking extreme precautionary measures in these areas. District Collector Samba Siva Rao visited the area on Saturday and Sunday to assess the situation. 8 out of the 11 existing clusters are large clusters with large number of cases. In some large clusters the number of patients is decreasing. So far 22 clusters have been formed.

The large clusters are Vellayil, Mukhadar, Vadakara, Tiruvallur, Chekkad, Nadapuram, Chorode and Olavanna. Chaliyam, Kutichira and Valiyangadi are limited clusters. Two of the four clusters in the Corporation are large clusters. In the large cluster of Vellayil, 135 have been diagnosed with the disease yet and 90 are currently in treatment. In the last 3 days, 333 samples have been tested and 36 cases have been reported.

Out of 135, 40 people are under treatment in Vadakara. Within three days, out of 126 tests, 28 people were confirmed positive. Out of 71 in Mukhadar ward, 21 are undergoing treatment. Eight people have been diagnosed with the disease in three days. Sixteen are being treated at FLTC and five at medical colleges. In Vadakara, 40 out of 125 people are undergoing treatment.  126 people tested over the three days in which  28 were found to be infected. Thirty-three are being treated at FLTCs and seven at medical colleges. In Tiruvallur, 28 out of 74 people are undergoing treatment.  87 people tested in the three days, seven were diagnosed with the disease.

Out of the 58 people in Chekkyad, 12 are undergoing treatment. All 12 are in FLTCs. The fluid samples of 69 people were examined over a period of three days. In Nadapuram, four out of 70 people are undergoing treatment. Two are in FLTC and two are in medical college. Samples from 57 people were tested over three days.

Out of the 173 people diagnosed with the disease, 126 are in treatment.

100 people examined over the three days and 61 cases were reported. 90 are undergoing treatment in FLTCs and 36 in medical colleges. Out of the 98 positive cases, five were under treatment. No new cases were reported in the 99 fluid samples examined over the three days. Two are being treated at FLTCs and three at medical colleges. Six out of 34 in the limited cluster Kuttichira and 20 out of 53 in Valiyangadi are undergoing treatment. In Chaliyat, everyone is currently cured of the disease.

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