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How Covid-19 transmission categorised?

Transmission classification is based on a process of country/territory/area self-reporting. Classifications are reviewed on a weekly basis, may be revised as new information becomes available, and are based on the highest category reported. Differing degrees of transmission may be present within countries/territories/areas. Categories: •

No cases: with no confirmed cases •

Sporadic cases: with one or more cases, imported or locally detected. •

Clusters of cases: experiencing cases, clustered in time, geographic location and/or by common exposures. •

Community transmission: experiencing larger outbreaks of local transmission defined through an assessment of factors including, but not limited to: large numbers of cases not linkable to transmission chains; large numbers of cases from sentinel lab surveillance; and/or multiple unrelated clusters in several areas of the country/territory/area. •

Pending: transmission classification has not been reported to WHO. ii “Territories” include territories, areas, overseas dependencies and other jurisdictions of similar status

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