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IIM-Kozhikode students organize flash mob

The Sunday crowd at Calicut Beach and Hi-Lite Mall were in for a surprise organized by the students of IIM Kozhikode in the run up to the seventh edition of the Calicut mini-marathon. Just as the sun was going down, a group of students from IIM K broke into a ‘Flash mob’. The spirited dancers took Calicut’s mall and beach by storm with their moves, while the crowd cheered and whooped madly.
The event was a prelude to this year’s SBI Buddy Calicut Mini-Marathon to be held on 28th February, 2016, in association with Niravu. The theme of the marathon this year is ‘Compassionate Kozhikode’. The Kozhikode District Administration’s brainchild, Compassionate Kozhikode through its initiatives such as Operation Sulaimani and Savari Giri Giri provides a platform for social good. The marathon aptly named “Run for Compassion” will see thousands gather at Calicut Beach on the D-day to support the cause.
With Rs. 2 lakh in prize money, the marathon features two race categories, a 10 km mini-marathon which is a competitive race and a 3 km “Dream Run”, a non‐competitive run featuring people from all walks of life. Calicut mini Marathon 2016 is proud to be associated with the SBI Buddy as the main sponsor and Peekay Steel as the Prize Sponsor. Registration counters are open at Hilite mall and crown theater.

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