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International Conference on Society and Management at IIM-K

Prof. S. N. Balagangangadhara, Director of the India Platform and the Research Centre Vergelijkende Cutuurwetenschap (Comparative Science of Cultures) at the Ghent University, Belgium lighting the lamp of International Conference on Society and Management at IIM-K today.

IIM-Kozhikode Director Prof. Debashis Chatterjee is also seen.He, delivered the Inaugural address.

44 papers will be presented during the technical and plenary sessions. Noted presenters include
Prof. Jakob de Roover and Dr. Nele de Gersem of the Ghent University, Vanita Vishwantha
(CEO- Udyogini), Dr. Sandeep Krishnan (Director – People Business), Prof. Anadi Pande of IIM
Lucknow,  M. S. Chaitra (Director- Aarohi Foundation) etc. A panel discussion on “Is there
really an Indian way of Management” will take place featuring academicians, practitioners and
social entrepreneurs during 11:45 am to 1 pm on 8 December 2018 (Saturday).
During the valedictory programme at 4 pm on 8 December 2018, there will be two special
lectures by Jasbir Singh Chawla (an author and Pali expert) on Buddhist Management techniques

and K. K. Muhammed (Retired Regional Director, ASI) on archaeological issues. The
Valedictory Address will be given by Prof. P Kanagasabapathy (an ICSSR Member and Author
of the book Indian Models of Economy, Business and Management).

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