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Int’l Biodiversity Congress 2018 at Dehradun in Oct; to Focus on Biodiversity for Ecological Civilization

To be organised as a joint initiative of Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA, Thiruvananthapuram), Navdanya (Dehradun),Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE, Dehradun), Forest Research Institute (FRI), Wildlife Institute of India (WII, Dehradun),Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board and Uttarakhand Council for Science and Technology, the IBC 2018 will have as its focal theme “Biodiversity for Ecological Civilization: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.According to Dr Vandana Shiva, Managing Trustee, Navdanya, the focal  theme aims at showcasing the Indian philosophy towards living in harmony with every living being in the planet, and an appeal towards undertaking a transformation from industrial civilization to biodiversity civilization, a human civilization strongly rooted in biodiversity consciousness.“This is the first ever international biodiversity meeting to be held with the focal theme of “Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam”.


Global authorities and thinkers who promote this philosophy of biodiversity civilization will take part in the programme, besides leading Indian experts,” Dr Vandana Shiva added.IBC 2018 aims at facilitating a shift towards ecological civilization that value,cherish and conserve biodiversity to achieve sustainable development goals,both at national and international platforms; Strengthening capacity and to promote networking in order to popularise the philosophy of biodiversity for ecological civilization; Providing an interdisciplinary platform on matters related to the status, conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity; and Showcasing the rich biodiversity heritage of the planet and the linkage between biodiversity, economy, ecosystem services, aesthetics, and cultural evolution. IBC 2018 will include a wide array of programmes including International Seminar, Exhibition, Women Biodiversity Congress (WBC), Youth Biodiversity Congress (YBC), Civil Society Meet, Workshops, National
Photography Exhibition, and Documentary Film Festival, besides a series of satellite and side events. More than 1000 participants from all over the world will participate in the event. Academicians, researchers, students, citizen scientists, Farmers, Farmer Representatives, Social Activists, and Community Representatives will be among the participants.Dr. Rakesh Shah, Chairman and Mr. S.S. Rasaily, Member Secretary,Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board, opined that IBC 2018 is happening in the
“United Nations Decade on Biodiversity” to promote the implementation of a strategic plan on biodiversity and its overall vision of living in harmony with
nature. It is also a period in which the governments have to take concerted efforts to achieve “Aichi Target” or the 2011-2020 Strategic Plan of the
Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) for addressing the underlying causes of biodiversity loss, reduce the pressures on biodiversity, safeguard biodiversity
at all levels, enhance the benefits provided by biodiversity. The state biodiversity boards have a central role to play to achieve these targets.
The major themes for presentations will be on theme such as Biodiversity and Planetary Health, Biodiversity Crisis, Biodiversity for Sustainable Future,
Biodiversity of Knowledge Systems and Biodiversity of Economies. Further, the IBC 2018 will look to bring together the government and non-government
organisations, academic and R&D organisations, communities and business groups to showcase the rich heritage, wisdom and potentials of the biodiversity,
both at global and national levels, said Dr GG Gangadharan, President,CISSA, one of the organisers of the event.Dr Biju Kumar, Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Kerala, &
Secretary, CISSA, pointed out that the International Biodiversity Exhibition that would be organised as part of IBC 2018 is an attempt to enhance public
awareness on the importance of conserving biodiversity, of the underlying threats to biodiversity, and of success stories in conservation, besides attempting
to highlight the linkages of biodiversity with day to day life, livelihood and culture. “It will also demonstrate how the government and communities are
working to ensure its conservation and sustainable use now and in the future. In particular, the exhibition explores the multiple aspects of biodiversity
contributing to human well- being and describes the direct and indirect factors contributing to biodiversity loss. The exhibition will also highlight the products
and geographical indicators in the country related to biodiversity,” he added.IBC 20018 will also comprise an event on Diverse Women for Diversity: A

Women and Biodiversity Festival, as a curtain raiser of the event at the Earth University in the Navadanya farm at Dehradun. This festival will bring together
women who are the custodians of biodiversity and involved in conservation and awareness at the grassroots.The brochure of IBC was released and the website was launched during the
The press meet is attended by Dr. Rakesh Shah, Chairman, Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board, Dr Vandana Shiva, Managing Trustee, Navdanya, New
Delhi,. S.S. Rasaily, Member Secretary, Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board, DrVinod Bhatt, Director, Navdanya, Dehradun, Dr GG Gangadharan, President,
CISSA, Dr A Biju Kumar, Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Kerala and Secretary, CISSA and Dr C Sureshkumar, General Secretary, CISSA.

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