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IUML condemns French president for his statement on Islam

Prof K.M. Kader Mohideen Ex. M.P., the National President of Indian Union Muslim League has condemned the French President Emmanuel Macron for his alleged  racist anti Islamic assertions.

The French President Macron is repeatedly issuing statements justifying the publication of satirical cartoons of the Holy Prophet (Sal) in a French weekly journal.

It is wrong on his part to continue this policy of Islam Phobia in France.

Unlike the other world religions Islam has neither deified nor idolised its Prophet.

“There is no God but God. Muhammed is the messenger of God”. This basic article of faith has not equated the prophet with the Godhead. The Holy Prophet’s image or painting or statue or fancied figure head is non existant in any of the world literature, art and sculpture. It is the firm belief of the Muslims that imagining a fancied caricature of the figure of the Holy Prophet is not only distorting the history but as well questioning the very basic principle of Islam. Secularism and the liberty of thought and expression never encourage the policy of dishonouring and disrespecting the religious belief and sentiments of the major minorities section of the people of his own country. By justifying the satirical cartoon culture in France, Macron distorts the very importance of secular ideals.

It is for the information to the French President that the Islamic Scholars of the world have condemned the beheading of a teacher in a French school and the violent attacks levelled against the churches. A few misguided youths bearing the Arabic Muslim names are not the representatives of the world Muslim community nor are they the voice of Islam – the Religion of Perfect peace, harmonising the minds and hearts of the people of the globe.

Let us make a fervent appeal to the France President to make sincere endeavours to understand the belief and sentiments of the Muslim community.

Let us also make a universal appeal to the world Muslim to join together to put an end to the misguided youths who claim to be Muslims wrongly indulging in un-Islamic activities and sabotaging the basic tenets of Islam and the honourable existence of the Muslim community.  

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