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IUML’S plea against privatisation of the Indian Railways

Prof K.M. Kader Mohideen, National President of the Indian Union Muslim League has issued the following statement making a fervent plea against the policy of privatisation in the Indian Railways.
The Indian Railway Board Chairman Mr. Yadav has stated that the policy of privatisation is about to be introduced in the Railways.
This policy of privatisation in the railways in its very conception is not only wrong but most destructive in the long run.
The Indian Railways with its vast network of strong and stable structure which is the largest in the world is well-known for its integrity, efficiency and its administrative exemplariness from the British times and it prevails as the pride of the country.
Privatisation of the Road Transport is a welcome policy and good for the people and for the government. This same policy in the Railways will certainly become the worst for the public and for the government.
Can we imagine the privatisation of the Army or the Navy or the Air Force? The Indian Railways too should be put in that category!
The Railway board chairman speaks about the speedy trains, better service to the travellers and more satisfaction for those who earn modern facilities. In order to extend these facilities he talks of privatisation. What prevents the Board from extending these facilities to the public? Instead of privatising, why don’t the board itself think of setting up a special separate department within the control of the board for giving the facilities to the people? It is our earnest plea that the Railways Board should think one thousand times before introducing the policy of privatisation in the Indian Railways-he asks.

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