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Dissident looms in CPI(M)

Jishnu Parnaoy’s death and connected incidents have caused severe damage to Pinarayi led LDF government, political observers found.  Police action against Jishnu’s mother  Mahija and hunger  strike and related incidents really put the CPI(M) in big pressure. Leaders close to the party cadres admit the failure of the state police .Senior party leaders like M.A.Baby condemned the police action,publicly.

J.Mercykutty Amma also criticized the police action.She is a senior member of the Pinarayi led ministry.

Some of the DYFI and SFI leaders also identified the public ire against the government policy. Party  secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s ‘meaningful’ silence,veteran leader V.S.Achuthanandan’s counterpoints and conversation with Jishnu’s relatives,massive support of Kerala society,irrespective of party politics also give head ache to the party.

Another development   is local people at Valayam are supporting Jishnu’s sister’s hunger strike. Many women reached at Jishnu’s house and showed their solidarity to the strike of Jishnu’s family for justice.

Most of these women belong to party family and active participants in Kudumbashree activities.

Valayam is one of the strongholds of CPI(M) and the support Jishnu’s family, getting there, is shocking the one faction of CPI(M).

The Chief Minister’s justification of the police action really shocked party machinery. Many believe that if Pinarayi had taken action against the police; who managed the situation ‘insensitively’,things would have been different.

The government’s calculation went wrong when some hard leftists and cultural leaders took their sharp words against the police operation.

Social Media community never compromised and continued their strike online by creating hashtag “Justice for Jishnu.’

Realizing the pulse of Kerala people, some leaders moved in different way,giving a shock to CM Pinarayi and his loyal members in the government.

M.M. Mani’s controversial statement,ridiculing Mahija also invited outrage from even communist people.

The recent developments faded the  party’s Malappuram campaign also,as observed by the state special branch.


Top party think tanks finally suggested few trouble shooting measures. As part of it,the government has issued an advertisement in newspapers.

The ad says there is a propaganda against the government and the reality is far from what some media created. It also explains few measures taken by the government to monitor the functions of self financing professional colleges.

Another white washing activity will be worked out to reach dissident party workers and sympathizers. Family meetings and grass root level survey’s are said to be planned as part of this mechanism.

The party is moving in a crisis which may cause strong opposition from dissident wings and as some political think tanks believe ,will reflect the government performance.

If the CM is not changing the style of administration,things may go beyond his hold, says one senior Marxian thinker . One faction of the party is seriously in need of some ‘image-building exercise”.


The government advertisement issued in today’s newspapers is believed to be  one of such measures.

The handling of Jishnu’s issue gave an opportunity to opposition parties to take over the campaign and make their circles ‘active’. The party leaders have realized it.Apart from Congress and BJP many small parties like AAP expressed their solidarity to the fighting mother for justice.

RMP is in the forefront of the Jishnu campaign.The party workers are taking this issue against the Pinarayi’s police.


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