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‘Journalism becomes subjective’

Modern journalism is becoming subjective and making writers,celebritiies said popular literary reformer and writer EV Ramakrishnan.

He was talking in the fourth Kerala Literature Festival on “Reformation beyond Journalism”  along with P.P. Ravindran, E.P. Rajagopalan, and P.S. Radhakrishnan. M.C. Abdul Nasar was the moderator of the session.

E. V. Ramakrishnan talked about the reformation of journalism with the arrival of social media, and how today’s journalism is protecting the ideas of the capitalist society. P.P. Ravindran imitated Pound’s words and said ,’Which exceeds the limit of time can only be called literature. ‘

He also reminded that journalism is the invention of day to day happenings. Literature was given the same importance as news in the popular newspapers like Mathrabhoomi and Kesari in the old days said the popular writer E.P. Rajagopalan along with examples.
He also reminded that Literature is a collective piece of work. He also commented that today’s newspapers are being conserved for tomorrow.
P.S. Radhakrishnan talked about the changes in literature in the 90s. Even though the relevance in literature is declining, the he importance of readers is increasing day by day.

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