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 Journalist N. Rajesh passes away

 Madhyam Senior News Editor N. Rajesh (56) passed away. He died at Kozhikode MIMS hospital at 11:45 am on Sunday. He was a member of the Narakath family in Thondayad. He was admitted to the hospital four days ago after suffering from liver disease. He is the son of the late retired Registrar Gopinath and Kumudabai Teacher. Initially, he served in The Kerala Kaumudi and later in Madhyamam. He reported several international and national sporting events, including the Asian Football Championship, the Afro-Asian Games, and the National Games.
He was a member of the State Media Accreditation Committee, a member of the Executive Committee of the Kerala Media Academy, a member of the State Committee of the Journalists’ Union, President of the Madhyamam Journalists’ Union, President of the Media Recreation Club and President of the Devagiri Public School PTA. He is a member of the Faculty of the Institute of Communication and Journalism (ICJ) under the Calicut Press Club.

He had been the Secretary of the Calicut Press Club three times and the Treasurer once. He also served as the former State President of the Indian Youth Association (AYA) and as the OIC office bearer.
The body was kept for public display at the Calicut Press Club from 2.30pm.

His body was cremated at Mavoor Road Cemetery.
N. Rajesh, who joined the media in 1988, won the Kerala Sports Council Award for Best Sports Writer in 1992, and the Calicut Press Club’s 1994 Mushtaq Award for Asst. As a news editor, he has also won the Swadeshabhimani Award for Best Newspaper Design. Wife: The late Srikala. Son: Harikrishnan (student). Siblings: Pradeep (Business), Bindu (Farook Service Co-operative Bank).
The Transport Minister A. K. Shashindran expressed his condolences on the Death of N Rajesh. “Apart from being an excellent media personality, Rajesh was also active in the socio-cultural spheres of Kozhikode.” He said.

MK Raghavan MP said in his condolence message,” the demise of N Rajesh, a prominent media personality and a strong voice in the leadership of the Kerala Journalists Union, is a great loss to the media world. Rajesh has been an accomplished organizer since his student days and excelled as a Calicut Press Club office bearer.” The MP recalled that he was the owner of a large number of disciples and sincere personal relationships had always set him apart.
Malabar Rail Users Forum expressed its condolences.
Minister TP Ramakrishnanon expressed his condolences on the untimely demise of N Rajesh, a prominent journalist, .
“Rajesh Kozhikode was one of the leading media personalities who excelled in sports reporting. He had a wide circle of friends.”
The minister said in a condolence message that Rajesh’s separation was very painful.

 BJP state president K Surendran offered condolences on the death of Rajesh. “Rajesh was an excellent reporter who brought sports news to the readers without losing enthusiasm. He will always be remembered as an ideal journalist who did not compromise on human values.” Surendran also expressed his condolences to Rajesh’s family and friends.
N Rajesh was a man who kept his unique personality in the media. During his tenure as the Secretary of the Kozhikode Press Club, he was able to conduct a number of notable events.
He was one of the leading leaders in the field of journalism.

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