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Just a show off-say people

It was just another show-off. KSRTC has released new buses.The government is monitoring its employees to ensure prompt services,However,most of the KSRTC buses are running in lost.Newly appointed KSRTC managing director Tomin J Thachankary, visited Kozhikode KSRTC terminus,the other day.Things are as usual at the depot. Passengers are unsatisfied with the functioning of the bus station.No official including the station manager is aware of the bus schedules.

It is heavy heat inside the bus, halted at KSRTC depot,where passengers suffocate without good air-circulation.

In Kozhikode,many KSRTC services have been taken over by a private bus company,run by a major chit company,based in Chennai.

Why did KSRTC big officials keep silence on this issue?ask many staffs and bus passengers.

Earlier,KSRTC dominated in the Perambra-Kuttyadi -Kozhikode bus route.But , since last few years,the private group is the dominating transporter in this segment.

Some of the officials who want to save the KSRTC point out that there was a huge corruption in the cancellation of KSRTC in this route?

Why did KSRTC avoid profitable routes like Kuttyadi Kozhikode.

The private company,instead is conducting services in Guruvayur route also.

Most of the KSRTC buses are running ,even without filling seats.But,take private buses in the same route and time.One can find packed travellers.

Who is responsible for this situation.Good designed seats,stereo are major attractions of private buses.


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