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Kaathusoothram depicts India’s sexual depression

Session 185 was  about the book ‘Kaathusoothram’ written by Francis Noronha with Vivek Chandran. They talked about the background and meaning of the story. The writer wrote this book on the facts of today’s India’s sex life. He tells the Indian’s sexual depressions and problems through the story, but some reader might have seen that in another ways.Then he remembers that the first story that heard was from his mother, a story called ‘Good samoritan’ from Bible. A story that tells about virtue and goodwill and he compares that story with today’s situation and what has changed tremendously in people’s behavior.
Then he spoke about his inspirational poem of Satchidanandan that taught him about the best way to write a book, that is just write your intension straight into the book without flexing it. He writes his books in a simple format without any complications. He explained his writing style.

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