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Kerala’s wellness mantra jingles in Russia

Languages, cultures, and geographical boundaries melt down here thanks to the power of the wellness mantra; Ayurveda. Anitha Karilios , Ayurveda activist and president of Ayurveda Russian India Association (ARIA) is working for promoting Indian traditional ,medicine, Ayurveda  in Russia.

She is in Calicut to attend the Global Ayurveda Festival along with he two Russian fellow-activists in Ayurveda; Prof.Inessa Minenko of First Medical University, Russia and Maria Gavrilova, Commerc ial Director of soon to be launched Kommersant Baskortontostan,a business daily focusing Ayurveda.

Anitha Karilos has been working in the field of Ayurveda promotion since 1992.When she suffered acute blood pressure, she began her research to find out a better alternative to cure it. Accidentally, she came across Kerala and visited Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala.

Her journey in search of Ayurveda   ended in God’s own country; interestingly she was alone in her journey without any guide.

“Presently, I am working to get Ayurveda, a legal status in Russia. I am not facing any obstacles but there is not much support since the systems is not popular in Russia. The Russian authority is in a position why should they promote Ayurveda since it is not their system.”

“I am fighting to get legal status of the system to make get standardization in education, practice, and medicines. There must be an information centre at Indian Embassy in Russia to provide authentic information on Ayurveda. Otherwise, the entire system may be misguided by unauthorized practitioners.

Everyone should understand Ayurveda is a science. Everyone should approve it. We have appealed to World Health Organization (WHO) for approving Ayurveda similar to other medical practise. It is a traditional medicine; not parallel one”-she said.

“As Russia Indian Association we are trying to incorporate Indian side and Russian side of Ayurveda campaign.

If awareness is not done properly, people may be misguided.

We are trying to connect Russian Indian educational institutions. International Ayurveda conference, seminars and general awareness programs are to popularise ayurveda. ”


Russian Ayurved activists with representatives of Global Ayurveda Festival

“When we began Ayurveda campaign in Russia in 1995, the number of patients explored the traditional system was just 2,000.Now, more than 1 lakh people are coming to Kerala for Ayurveda treatment. One to eight thousand patients are coming to Kerala for treatment.”-she said.

However, her whole family is supporting Ayurveda and all of them have firm believers in this wellness mantra.

“Ayurveda treats a person in a holistic approach. It is connected with body, mind and lifestyle. There are no side effects in ayurveda medicine; thus not creating any problem to the patients.”-says Inessa.

Inessa is going to launch Ayurveda course in, First Medical University, Russia where she is working. Even if she had homoeopathy

She believes that Ayurveda is unique in its way. Comparing with other treatment systems, ayurveda is strongest.

“Pity Russia don’t have a medicine like Ayurveda.however, we would do everything to popularise   and standardise the system in Ayurveda .We enjoy doing it.”  -said Inessa.

Maria Gavrilova will soon launch a business daily in Russia. She is working as the Commercial Director. Her daily newspaper will focus Ayurveda .

It is first time Mari visits Kerala.

“Here people are very kind-hearted. It is too much hot here.”

Devadathan Nair, Public Relations Director of People’s Friendship University was accompanying trio while interviewing  to translate their Russian language.

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