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Kodakara incident: CPM creates smoke against BJP: K Surendran

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BJP  Kerala state president K Surendran said that the CPM and a section of the media are creating a smokescreen against the BJP in connection with the Kodakara incident. He said in a press conference held in Kozhikode that the campaign is going on as planned. Police are calling for questioning those on the complainant’s phone list. The BJP leaders were summoned for questioning for no reason. BJP leaders, like CPM leaders, do not pretend to have chest pains or say that Covid is positive because there is nothing to fear.

The leaders were present to clear up any doubts in the public. If the probe is carried out properly, the BJP will co-operate to the utmost. The BJP has nothing to do with the Kodakara incident. It is not the money of the BJP. The CPM is preparing for retaliation against the BJP for its involvement in gold smuggling and dollar smuggling. Everyone knows what the CPM did in the gold smuggling case.

In the elections held in five states, Rs 1,000 crore was seized. Most are from the DMK in Tamil Nadu. The DMK gave Rs 25 crore to the CPM. Surendran said that Pinarayi and Vijayaraghavan should reply that this is counterfeit money.

Instead of going into the facts of the robbery case, the police are looking for things beyond their control. Was the BJP leaders summoned by the police as part of a robbery case? For what purpose was the SIT excluded from the first investigation team? What is the police report in court? Why did the police not release the official documents? When the complaint was received, the party investigated and passed on the information to the police. Attempts to break up the party with this case will provoke a strong reaction. Why are more than 20 accused arrested and the rest not paid? When the Koothuparamba area secretary was summoned for questioning in the TP murder case, the CPM members were the ones who took down the MLAs, marched to the station and threatened them with handcuffs. The media should understand that there is a justice system in the country when it comes to listening to the police and writing untrue things. Police who give the news of the interrogation to the media do not say what happened after the interrogation. The CPM and the Congress spent thousands of crores of rupees in the Assembly elections. The CPM disbursed money through cooperatives and the Labor Society.
The CPM is insulting CK Janu, who fought for the liberation of adivasis and dalits in Kerala. No one paid CK Janu. As the NDA candidate in Bathery, the election expenses were borne by the Front itself. Surendran also said that Janu should not be insulted for insulting the BJP.

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