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Kollam temple fireworks disaster: “It is time to stop unsafe practice.”

Kollam Paravur Puttummal Devi temple fireworks disaster killed more than 100 and 200 plus injured. The incident happened in the wee hours of Sunday.
The fire works was illegal,according to Kollam district administration. Prime Minister Narendra Modi rushed to the tragic spot and expressed his condolence.
heart-rending and shocking beyond words.”
“My thoughts are with families of the deceased and prayers with the injured,” he said in a statement.
Spiritual leaders like Swami Chaidananda Puri of Kolathur Advaitha Ashram questioned the use of fireworks in the name of temple festival.

arun v paravur

credit: Arun V Paravur

After expressing his deep sorrow in the incident he criticized the temple authorities for using such an unsafe practice.
In a media release he said that the trends of giving priority to celebrations by using huge fireworks during festivals were increased. Earlier very small number of temples used the fireworks. But,now the number of temples using such celebrations has increased.
He urged the religious community and political parties to end using fireworks in festivals and celebrations.
RSS Pranthakaryavahak P. Gopalankutty expressed shock in the incident.He expressed his condolence to the bereaved souls.
Meanwhile, social media sites are carrying posts against fireworks practice in temples.
One post in a WhatsApp community says:
Sree Narayana Guru had commented against fireworks:
“Kariyum Venda Karimarunnum Venda” -a message by Guru is going viral on social media.It means, “no fire works and no elephants in temple festivals.’
Majority of the public posts are against fireworks in temples.

photo credit:Sudheesh Sasidharan

Puttingal temple, picture credit: Sudheesh Sasidharan

Puttummal temple is said to be 400 hundred years old.”Puttu” means ant hill in English .The presence of Goddess was experienced in an ant hill,according to temple mythology.

Photos courtesy:CNM Whats App friends

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