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Kozhikode :dip in Covid-19 cases

  • CNM Reporter

Kozhikode reports less than 1,000 after one and half month

Less than a month and a half later 

Positive 857, TPR 12.41%

The number of daily Covid cases in Kozhikode district is less than one thousand after one and a half months. Today (May 31) 857 people confirmed positive. On April 13, 868 people tested positive and 12.31 per cent tested positive. Since then, the number of patients has risen sharply. The maximum test positivity rate in the district on May 3 was 32.90 per cent and today (May 31) it has dropped to 12.41 per cent.

There are 18,630 confirmed Kozhikode residents undergoing treatment. 14634 people are being treated at home. A total of 21,87,513 fluid samples were sent for testing and 21,84,415 results were obtained. Of these, 19,06,373 were negative. So far, Covid has confirmed 2,78,899 people in the district. 957 deaths were reported. There were 58,137 people under surveillance, including 2,186 newcomers. 5,82,996 people completed the monitoring.

Today (May 31) one of the arrivals from other states was positive. The source of the 23 is not clear. 833 people were infected through contact. 7082 people were examined. Another 2,210 people who were being treated at Covid hospitals and FLTCs in the district have been discharged. Today, the highest TPR in local bodies is in Peruvayal panchayat. Of these, 52% are TPR. Of the 92 people examined, 48 were confirmed to be infected. The highest TPR was recorded in Narikkuni 33, Edachery 30, Mukkam 28, Koduvalli 27, Ramanattukara 26 and Karassery 26 per cent. TPR is 14 per cent in Kozhikode Corporation. The lowest test positivity rates in the district are in Kayanna, Koothali, Maruthongara, Mavoor and Nanmanda panchayats.

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