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Kozhikode retains State School Kalotsavam trophy

Kozhikode district repeated the victory in a neck and neck competition with Palakkad district in the 59th Kerala State School Arts festival held at Thrissur. It is the 12 th consecutive time,Kozhikode emerged as winners.

Kozhikode scored 895 points while Palakakd won 893 in a photo-finishing fight.Malappuram secured third place with 875 points.The hosting district, Thrissur and Kannur shared fourth place with 865 points each.
The score details below:
District       HS General HSS General     Gold Cup Point
1 Kozhikode      419             476                                895 
2 Palakkad        423             470                               893 
3 Malappuram 399             476                               875 
4 Thrissur         398             467                               865 
5 Kannur           400             465                              865 

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