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KSRTC;go to villages and serve people and make it profitable


KSRTC can move to its real mission to serve public for better transportation,than its present show-offs like electric buses ,writes Abid Rashid

The Kerala Road Transport Corporation is trying to introduce various methods to modernize KSRTC .Introduction of new model buses including electric buses on trial basis.However,the basic mission of the corporation is out of gear.

For instance,rural connectivity is extremely backward in many rural places in Kerala,especially in Malabar region.

Even if,there is multi-storied district transport head quarters at Mavoor Road, the bus information system,parking pattern,and other passenger facilities are in inferior stage.Kiosks,responding to passenger inquiries are just for name sake.

Many of the rural,backward area are still suffering good connectivity with towns.

When CNM contacted one of the KSRTC operating centers at Vatakara,the staff on duty (after assuring anonymity)said many local services are badly hit due to lack of fund.

“We have got orders to cut all uneconomic routes whether the service is covering backward and rural areas with minimum public transportation facilities.”

One of the routes ,cancelled recently ,is a bus service to Kaiveli from Vatakara. The time schedule of the bus was 9.30.

There are many village routes in this region,where people are largely depending on taxi services,that too in very unsafe manner.

A regular office-goer from Irinagnnur says,”It is very difficult to travel in taxis.Number of private buses are declining.

Earlier,we had many buses in Vatakara-Iringannur route,connecting Kozhikode and Kannur route ,easily. However,many buses left.After long pressure from people,one KSRTC bus was allowed in the route.However,the service was just a name sake approach to deal ,complaining people for their transportation rights.

The bus ran only for few days and stopped it service. The authorities said it was due to loss.

However,it was a face washing action.The bus opted a time just behind private buses in the same route,deliberately to justify the authorities’ claim that”loss trip.”

CNM learnt from some reliable sources that there was some pressures from taxi lobbies and private bus operators to keep KSRTC away from their dominance.

The outcome is the never ending suffering by ordinary people who want to reach different locations in Kozhikode.

Those who depend taxi vehicle need to pay extra and they can only reach up to Edacheri town. Travelers,moving to distant places need to pay extra money and depend buses from the town.

The situation is same in many other regions in the district. KSRTC had a dominant space in Kuttyadi-Kozhikode route.

As the result of a suspected big deal with one of the chit firms,head quartered in Chennai,the KSRTC withdrew most of its buses from these routes.

The chit company later,launched its bus services in this route.Currently,the dominating travel provider is Gokulam bus services,a subsidiary of Gokulam Chits.

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