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Kundayithodu,new containment zone in Kozhikode

As part of Covid-19 preventive measures,Kundayithodu in Kozhikode Corporation (ward 44) is declared as containment zone.

According to the 2020 Kerala Epidemic Disease Ordinance Section 4, to stop the spread of the disease,Disaster Management Authority Chairman and District collector S Sambasiva Rao IAS, according to the 2005 Disaster Management Rules section 34 (a,b), has imposed the following set of regulations:

  • The public transportation to these areas are strictly prohibited.The vehicles carrying the requirements of the daily needs of the people will be permitted.
  •      The people in the containment zone are not allowed to travel outside, not the other ward people are allowed to come unless for an emergency medical requirement.
  •        In the above given places, the working of any other kind of functions except for medical shops, hospitals and daily requirements are prohibited.
  • The food and other daily requirement shops should only function from 8am to 5pm.
  • The ward RRT is to be contacted when in requirement of any outside supplies.
  • The District police officers are to strictly observe these places.
  •  Private organisation health sector’s strict observation is required in these areas.
  • In these wards, the gathering of more than 5 people, or any other gathering is strictly prohibited.
  •  The travelling within the ward is prohibited between 7pm to 7 am. Only emergency medical requirements will be permitted.
  •   These restrictions do not fall upon any vehicle that comes from the Kozhikode Corporation Beach Hospital.

The violation of the above given restrictions, will lead to an action according to Indian Penal code 188.269 will be undertaken.

The actions for controlling the spread of Corona virus in Kozhikode District is being undertaken very seriously. For this, strict rules and restrictions are being implemented.



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