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LDF gov supports liquor mafia,says VM Sudheeran

Senior  Congress leader VM Sudheeran has alleged that the LDF government in Kerala is supporting the liquor mafia.
Excise Commissioner Rishiraj Singh is working as footman of the liquor lobby-he alleged.

He was addressing a Congress protest march in front of  Kozhikode collectorate ,today.

Rishi Raj Singh created a boosted data of drug users in Kerala to support liquor mafia. He ‘found’ that the increase in drug use was the result of former government’s liquor policy.

Rishi Raj justified the LDF’s policy by comparing the increased drug use as the result of curbing bar licenses of the UDF.

People in Kerala realised the ‘sincerity’ of the police officer  for supporting liquor lobby.

In liquor policy,the government’s declaration and implementation have no connection.

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