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Left bastions crushed

Left bastions have been crushed in the UDF wave in Kerala..
Kasargod is said to be strong hold of CPI(M) and the party was confident to win the seat without much strain.
However,Congress candidate Raj Mohan Unnithan gave a shock to  the left by showing a thumping majority of 29698 votes ,after counting 73.90% percent votes.
In Vatakara, Congress candidate K.Muraleedharan has improved his lead over his rival candidate and CPI(M) former district secretary P. Jayarajan.
73.24% votes have been counted,so far.
Muraleedharan secured 60922 votes’ lead..
Jayarajan got lead in Thalassery assembly constituency.All other constituencies stood with Muraleedharan.
Kuttyadi and Nadapuram gave Muraleedharan ,a thumping majority while Thalassery didn’t well perform in favour of Jayarajan.
Palakakd and Attingal constituencies were considered as sure seats by the Left.
But,In Palakakd V.K.Sreekantan (Cong) and in Attingal, Adoor Prakash  (Cong) have created a history by securing impressive margins.
While 70.52% votes counted,Adoor Prakash got a majority 25579 votes against his rival candidate A.Sampath.
V.K.Sreekantan won 24006 votes’ lead  when 93.61% votes counted.
In Alathur constituency, Ramya Haridas (Cong)  proved a stunning lead over the sitting MP  PK Biju  by securing a majority of more than 1 lakh votes against CPM’s sitting MP P.K.Biju

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