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Local body poll updates in Kozhikode

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Polling materials distributed

Distribution of polling materials to local bodies has been completed in Kozhikode  district. The electronic voting machines kept in the Strong Room were taken by the officials and taken to the booths. Voting starts at 7 am on Dec 14.
There are 2,987 polling booths in the district. Voting materials were delivered to the booths from 20 centers. The election will be held in full compliance with the green codes.
A total of 17,303 polling officials have been deployed on election duty. There will be 14,935 officials at the polling booth. About 400 special polling officials have also been deployed.

  Election must strictly adhere to the Code of Conduct:DMO

District Medical Officer Dr.V.Jayashree said voters, polling officials and polling agents should strictly follow the Covid protocol in view of the Covid situation as local elections are being held in the district today. Everyone involved in the election process must wear a mask properly. Hands should be sanitized and social distance maintained.

Do not lower the mask until you have voted and returned home. It is advisable to keep the pen in hand to sign the register before voting.  Do not take children to the polling booth for any reason. When you return to your own home after the election, enter the house only after you have washed your clothes. During the time of voting of  Covid-19 positive persons,the offficials must wear PPE kits.

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