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Lock down guidelines released

Commercial and private establishments shall be closed down.


Shops, including ration shops (under PDS), dealing with food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish, animal fodder, fertilizers, seeds and pesticides. However, district authorities may encourage and facilitate home delivery to minimize the movement of individuals outside their homes.

b. Banks, insurance offices, and ATMs including IT vendors for banking operations; Banking Correspondent and ATM operation and cash management agencies. c. Print and electronic media. d. Telecommunications, internet services, broadcasting and cable services. IT and IT enabled Services only (for essential services) and as far as possible to work from home. e.

Delivery of all essential goods including food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment through E-commerce. f. Petrol pumps, LPG, Petroleum and gas retail and storage outlets. g. Power generation, transmission and distribution units and services. h. Capital and debt market services as notified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. Cold storage and warehousing services. 2 j. Private security services. k. Data and call centers for Government activities only.

I. Farming operations by farmers and farm workers in the field. m. ‘Custom Hiring Centres (CHC)’ related to farm machinery. n. Shops of agriculture machinery, its spare parts (including its supply chain) and repairs to remain open. o. Shops for truck repairs on highways, preferably at fuel pumps. p. Operations of the fishing (marine)/aquaculture industry, including feeding & maintenance; hatcheries, feed plants, commercial aquaria, movement of fish/shrimp and fish products, fish seed/feed and workers for all these activities. All other establishments may work-from-home only.

5. Industrial Establishments will remain closed.

Exceptions: a. Manufacturing units of essential goods, medical devices, their raw materials & inter b. Production units, which require continuous permission from the State Government. c. Coal and mineral production, transporta pharmaceutical, after obtaining required supply of explosives and including drugs mediates. process, tion, activities incidental to mining operations. d. Manufacturing units of packaging material for food items, drugs, pharmaceutical and medical devices. e. Manufacturing and packaging units of Fertilizers, Pesticides and Seeds. f. Tea industry, including plantation with maximum of 50% workers. 6. All transport services — air, rail, roadways — will remain suspended. Exceptions: a. Transportation for essential goods only. b. Fire, law and order and emergency services. c. Operations of Railways, Airports and Seaports for cargo movement, relief and evacuation and their related operational organisations. d. Inter-state movement of goods/ cargo for inland and exports. e. Cross land border movement of essential goods including petroleum products and LPG, food products, medical supplies. f. Intra and inter-state movement of harvesting and sowing related machines like combined harvester and other agriculture/horticulture implements. g. Transit arrangements for foreign national(s) in India. (as per attached SOP)

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