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Love and humanity contest among these candidates

Election comments:

M.Rajesh &  C.P.Rinitha


Politics is just a fun for many,at least some centers of women’s reserved seats.Party politics and
candidature never pull them back from friendly interaction.

CNM team could watch several such occasions during the poll day coverage through out the urban area.When party workers were campaigning for their candidates
these sights are really positive sign,said one independent observer.


Rival candidates Rijula,Shibili,and Hsina Payyippilly at Makkada L.P.School.

Whatever efforts they took during their campaign as just a political path to them.

Campaigns have done for campaigns sake;didn’t affect humanity,openness and mutual respect and care  of these candidates.

When these candidates show such a great vision,the sight became significant for many because there are many sensitive polling centers in the district where rival candidates never look each other.They stay in their party circles , alone.


The view at the Post Basic Higher Secondary School, Sevamandiram shows the tension free attitude of three candidates who are in competition with each other, yet sitting peacefully together and actively encouraging the voters.

The three women candidates- Sathyavathi (BJP),Rubia (Congress) Pushpalatha (CPI), show us that no competition sets apart them individually.They have shared jokes,and matters for long hours.And, their looks or expression never told a sort of ego.

Out of these Sathyavathi teacher is the retired H.M of the same school and Pushpalatha is a teacher at Anganavaadi.

Similarly these nine candidates also showed a model for party politics and election fight.


From left Ushakumari (LDF)-Feroke town, Bindu Anil Kumar (LDF)- 25 div. Ambalangadi, Sheeba C.V. – Nallurangaadi,Bindu (BJP)- 25 Nallurangaadi, Bindu K(SNDP-BJP). – 05 Feroke Town,. Thankootti C. (UDF) – 25 Nellurangaadi,

Leela K.T.,05,Feroke, Bindu Rajesh- 28 Ambalangaadi, Nisha Kuriyadath- 28 Feroke.

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