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Director Kamal’s letter spikes controversy

CNM Reporter

Film Director and Kerala Chalachithra Academy chairman, Kamal’s letter to cultural minister AK Balan to appoint few ‘leftists’ in the academy as permanent employees spikes a controversy.

Leader of the Opposition Ramesh Chennithala disclosed the controversial letter to the media.

In the controversial letter,Kamal recommended few left activists who work as temporary employees in the academy, be appointed permanently.

He also mentioned the benefits of making those people,permanent in the academy.

“These employees  follow left and progressive movements.Once they are appointed permanently,it would be beneficial for maintaining the left nature of the academy.”-says Kamal.

According to the letter ,Shaji H (Deputy Director,Festival) Rijoy KJ (Programme Manager,Festival),NP Sajeesh (Deputy Director-Programmes),Vimal Kumar VP (Programme Manager-Programmes) are to be made permanent in the academy.

The controversial letter turns to be a weapon in the hands of the opposition parties as the assembly polls are set to be held in few months.

The opposition also alleged PSC backdoor appointments. Some of the top leaders and MLAs are allegedly involved in PSC backdoor appointment.

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