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Mammootty appears as saviour in real life

Mammootty appeared in many roles as saviours in reel life.But,the mega star’s action as real life saviour of ailing Chala Mary has become a blessing to her,writes


Molly Kannamaly or popularly known as Chala Mary, who has donned many comic characters in films and TV serials, has now got a saviour in the form of super star Mammutty in her most distress time of sickness and penuary in her life.

The health condition of the actress, who has enthralled the audience by her comedy roles, is very weak now after two heart attacks. Being a heart patient, she is not able to face the camera now and earn her livelihood.

Realising  the sad plight of Molly Kannamaly from the social media, Mammutty has assured all help for the treatment of Molly at a super specially hospital in Thiruvananthapuram.

Molly Kannamaly became popular after her comic characters in films and serials. Keralites know her as Chala Mary rather than her real name Molly Kannamaly. She became popular after her role in the serial titled ‘Sthreedhanam’.

According to Molly’s eldest son, Solly, they received unexpected offer from the actor when they were in tight spot to mobilise money for his mother’s treatment.

Mammutty sent his PA to Molly’s house to inform her of all help.
The actor has assured all arrangements for her surgery at Thiruvananthapuram and wanted Molly to be shifted to the hospital there immediately. He has informed that all expenses for her surgery and treatment would be borne by the actor.

Now, Molly Kannamaly is staying in her one-room house suffering from heart disease and debts. The doctors had advised her for a surgery but she could not undergo it due to financial reasons.

She suffered a chest pain during a stage show. The doctors attending on her said that her health condition is very weak. She was living with the small amount obtained from films and serials. She will be able to make the audience laugh only if her health is restored by the treatment advised by doctors.

Solly said that the family received no help from any quarter and the people simply enquired about the health condition of his mother.

The help of Mammutty sir came quite unexpectedly as a boon when they were struggling hard to find money for her treatment.
Mammutty’s help gives much hope and relief, her son said.

Ammachi’s health is very important for us. We are preparing to take her to Thiruvananthapuram for the surgery and allied treatment after collecting the reports from the hospital where she is now being treated, said Solly with gratitude writ large on his face.

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