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Meesha hits bookstall

S.Hareesh’s controversial novel Meesha has got good sale at DC Book stores,said DC Books sources.

Thousands of copies have been sold out on the first day itself.

The novel,first appeared in Mathrubhumy weekly ,was withdrawn due to hardcore protest from different circles.

The book priced Rs.299 is in good demand since the news of its publication flashed ,yesterday.

However,some Hindu activists and orthodox people are still campaigning against this book,when it was put on sale at DC Books outlets since August 1.

Some social media commentators have opined that the book contains some sort of obscene languages in it.

Some others question the authors portrayal of women in a an indecent manner.

Meanwhile,some independent thinkers,irrespective of their political outlook are supporting the author and its publisher for protecting “Freedom of Expression”

According to them,a novel is a creative and imaginative work.Its context and concept are  far from reality.If a writer has the freedom to express his imagination,why should some outfits get intolerant.

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