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Meitra Hospital opens  Comprehensive Head Injury Clinic

 Meitra Hospital in Kozhikode announced the opening of its specialized Head Injury Clinic on January 8, 2021. The first comprehensive head injury management facility in the Malabar region, the clinic is a specialized unit under the Department of Neurosurgery which is housed within the Centre of Excellence for Neurosciences. It aims at providing one-stop well-coordinated multi-departmental care to those suffering from head injuries and related complications, and adheres to the globally recognized benchmarks.

 ACP Raju P K (Traffic Kozhikode-North), and winner of President’s award for meritorious services, 2019 inaugurated the clinic. The event was hosted by Dr. Ali Faizal (Director-Meitra Hospital), Dr.P Mohanakrishnan (CEO), Dr. K.A Salam (Chairman-Centre of Excellence for Neurosciences), Dr. Shyam Sundar S (Head of Neurosurgery), Dr. Mishal Johny (Senior Consultant-Neurosurgery), Dr. Anoop Narendran (Consultant-Neurosurgery) & Dr. Akhil Mohandas (Associate Consultant-Neurosurgery).

The clinic will offer a wide range of services including Neurosurgical consultations and follow up of head injured patients, physiotherapy & rehabilitative services, psychiatry & psychological services, nutrition services, counselling sessions for patients and care-takers, radiology services, consultations for other system injuries and co-existing illnesses, identification of late complications of head injury in order to take early remedial measures, as well as home care.

“Nearly sixty percent of the head injuries are reported from road traffic accidents making pedestrians, cyclists, motor-cyclists as well as automobile drivers the most vulnerable sections. Nearly all the incidences of such injuries are directly linked to non-compliance with simple traffic regulations and norms and include wearing helmets, seat-belts and basic traffic etiquette. It is imperative that we not only become aware but also consciously incorporate simple steps which can greatly reduce such avoidable situations,” advised ACP Raju PK.

“Head injury is a continuously evolving dynamic process which can result in a wide variety of health-related issues to the patient. Effective management of the entire spectrum of these problems can be achieved only by a combined and coordinated effort of multi-disciplinary team of specialists in the field. Unfortunately, such a service is not available to these patients most of the time. As a result, many important aspects of a patient’s head injury management are compromised, and it ultimately results in a suboptimal outcome. We are proud to be launching this initiative as a step to address the gap in the number of facilities offering the services,” said Dr. P Mohankrishnan, CEO Meitra Hospital.

“The head injury is a major pandemic that is gravely underserved, especially in countries like India. One in every 6 head injured patients die in India where as it is one in 200 in developed countries. This indicates the glairing deficiency of first line and definitive neurosurgical health care. We also will work with families to empower them to evaluate and avail a viable option without compromising either on the time or the quality of treatment both of which are critical factors in the health outcomes of the patient”, informed Dr.Shyam Sundar S, Senior Consultant & Department Head-Neurosurgery.

“Through this initiative, we aim to provide care in the initial few days of being afflicted so that it changes the outcome dramatically from a desperate no-win scenario to a complete survival,” said Dr. Mishal Johny, Senior Consultant-Neurosurgery .

Meitra Hospital with the opening of this clinic, once again demonstrates its vision to providing cutting edge global healthcare concepts to not just the residents of Malabar but to the entire region.

Head Injury Clinic is operational on all Fridays from 11 am to 4 pm and more details can be obtained by calling +91 9207702063, or writing to

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