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Menstruating women also should get entry in Sabarimala-Swami Agnivesh

Women should get equal rights and entry into Sabarimala temple.Women in menstruating ages also should be given entry to Sabarimala temple,said Arya Samajam scholar and social activist Swami Agnivesh.

He was speaking to cine actress Padmapriya at the venue of fourth Kerala Literature Festival  in Kozhikode on Saturday.

“I don’t believe in any religion.My religion is humanity. Religion is made up.Really,religion makes men slaves.”

To me,God is love and compassion.

“I am a celibate.But,I am not afraid of young women.”

When asked about recent BJP attacks against him,Swami said the party could have informed me,if my policy is wrong.


Even if I am not supporting slaughtering cattle in large number,I don’t support fascist activity of attacking innocent people,who  keep cow meat in their hands-he said. He also appreciated the Vanitha Mathil (Women’s wall)  held in Kerala.

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