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MES breaks Farook’s record

It is a breakthrough victory for MES Kalladi College,Mannarkkad.The team defeated reigning champions in Mappilappattu group event;Farook College. Raza Rahman and team crowned the glorious achievement in yesterday’s performance . Fasil,Asker Ali,Sreebhama,Saranya,Aiswarya are members of this team.
When the team got “outstanding” comment from judging panel,their winning feel doubled.
“We are previleged to get such a remark from great judges like OM Karuvarakkund,Fazal Elettil,Shameer Master.”–said Raza Rahman, the team leader.
The judges commented”All teams performed excellently.The winning MES had done it outstanding way.
‘Vothu Khathimur Razoolulla,Sakhi Nabi Safi-e’ was the team’s winning song,composed by their teacher in Mappilappattu Shamsad Edarikkad.

In pic:Team MES who won first prize in the Mappilappattu contest with their trainers

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